New author. First items rejected. Need some advice


My first item was just rejected, but no reasons given.

It seems to me that the track has no commercial fitness, it is very difficult to use it in any video project, only if there is a very specific task. The Enwato market is aimed at a wider audience, and the music should be appropriate. The track is too abstract, a long intro, a specific melody

Somehow I kind of knew this myself. Just hard to accept lol. The standard email says that it is not adequate for many reasons. Is there any glaring production / mixing / audio tech issues that seem less than good enough?

The fact is that there are a lot of tracks on the AJ with not the best production, mixing, mastering, but they fit very well into any video.

Ok, Thank you very much

You’re welcome!

I loved it! It’s really interesting and definitely unlike most of the music in the AJ library. I guess it is quite niche, but would work quite well for a video game or a documentary film with dark tones. It certainly isn’t corporate video fare, which isn’t a bad thing. I think it has scope to make sales, but you would need to be spot-on with naming (‘Orchestral’ isn’t a good name for it) and categorizing so that the customer can find it.

As to why AJ rejected it, from my humble point of view, there are a couple of things about the mix that I found slightly annoying. First was the odd sounding banging drum. I think a really nice orchestral snare or tenor drum would fit nicer in it’s place, which also needs some reverb, it’s a bit dry compared to other percussion that sits nicer in the mix.
The section 1:20 - 1:40 feels a little bit untidy and lost. Perhaps tidy up some of those wayward notes in the oboe.
I think the ending could perhaps be more defined, it kind of just peters out.

I love the way the brass stabs work at 1:14 and 2:54. Really nice. The brass section in general is really nice. Which sound library did you use, if you don’t mind me asking?


sorry didn’t catch your message hwre sooner, I’ve been hard working on new pieces haha.

Wow, thank you so much, feels really good for someone to give some praise, especially since I’m new and have enjoyed a fair share of rejections already. I really appreciate you giving me feedback, and I will definitely try to learn from those advice. I’m relatively new to using computers to compose so I really need all the advice I can get there. Also percussion is really my most weak area in general I think, so what you said really helps, even if to just confirm that I knew I didn’t know! More work!

The libraries I use for Brass are CineBrass Core and CineBrass Pro