New API on multiple devices?

Hi there… I am currently working on new version of nWallet app for Envato Marketplaces (Android)… Situation is:

  • New API app is created and working
  • My Android app gets all needed tokens… (working with update token and all…)
  • When I use app on other device and authorise App to use Envato API on it - I loose token updates on previous device…
    Did any of you had similar problem?

Anyone? :slight_smile:

I haven’t tried updating/refreshing a token with the same account/app from different devices like that.

Are you embedding the secret key in the app or is there a central callback server?

I was thinking leaving it inside :slight_smile: but if I can’t have one user on multiple devices, I’ll need to rewrite a lot of things… Please let me know if you try to update token (like in case above)…

Did you try to fetch token from different devices?