New AJ logo placement is weird

I don’t hate the new AJ logo on the homepage, I just anti-like it. Literally every time until just now, I kept thinking it was a glitch in my drop down bar because it’s right below my profile bar and it has the same grey background, and it’s also just a weird place to cram it in. Is this normal for everyone or is this actually a glitch?

You mean it doesn’t suck ? :slight_smile:

Something new
why not?

You can do something new without executing it awkwardly. It looks fine on the mobile version but I’ve gotten AJ glitches in the past and I must have spent half an hour trying to modify my browser to make that logo not look so small and awkwardly placed. It’s so odd that I still don’t know if it’s actually a glitch or not, no one else is confirming if they see it.