New Affiliate Competition is Live! $20k in Prizes!

Envato “Repeat Buyers” Affiliate Competition #3 is Launching Early with $20,000 Prize Money.

Affiliate Competition
In 2015 Envato Affiliates went out with a BANG! and our Affiliates had the best December ever. Now it’s time to reward you for repeat buyers in our 3rd Affiliate Competition with our biggest prize pool yet.

Full Competition Details

Earn your share of more than $3 million dollars per year in affiliate earnings.

To keep our community engaged, Envato has decided to bring its third affiliate competition forward 10 days to start today (originally Feb 1). We’ve brought it earlier because we want you to take advantage of the strong January we typically see!

The competition will pay the highest prize pool yet and extend just over a month to the end of February. The competition is open to all Envato affiliates across all categories and ecosystems. As promised, we’re rewarding affiliates based for returning buyers! 10 eligible affiliates who show the largest number of repeat buyers between Wednesday January 20th, 2016 and Monday 29th February will share in a massive $20K prize bounty.

Top 4 Affiliate Winners

Be our top performer during the affiliate contest and win $5,000

It will be a close race and second place wins $4,000

Third is nothing to sneeze at. Win a cool $3,000

At Envato, 4th is a podium place, bringing a whopping $2,000

Additional Winners

5th most returned buyers

6th most returned buyers

7th most returned buyers

8th most returned buyers

9th most returned buyers

10th most returned buyers

Eligibility and judging criteria

To be eligible, affiliates need to register before 11:59pm AEDT on 29th February and have at least 1 returning customer deposit funds or purchase an item during the competition.

Judging criteria: Returning buyers referred by eligible affiliates will be tallied by our Marketplace database and the top 10 affiliates who send the most returning buyers win.

Ties: Should two affiliates generate the same number of return buyers the prize will be allocated to the affiliate who reached that milestone first. The other affiliates will receive the prize money of the next prize position.

Register To Enter

Helping You Achieve

We’ll continue to send regular emails updating you on performance and highlighting high-converting and trending items you may like to promote.

As always, we wish Envato Affiliates the very best for the competition and improved affiliate revenue for all.

Mike Zyvoloski | Affiliate Manager


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Already did, thanks @mikezyvoloski

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What would help with this is to fix the issue I highlighted MONTHS ago that was confirmed to be a bug, but hasn’t been fixed: No twitter cards on Envato Market?

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Ooooo returning buyers, that’s a good one.


Just some clarification, do we have to direct buyers that we have previous referred ourselves? Or just any previously referred buyer?

And does the buyer have to be a previously “referred” buyer, or can they just be second time buyers with no previous referral?

i.e. we just have to refer as many non-first time buyers as possible?

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Any non first time buyer counts, regardless where their first referral came from (you/other affiliate, ppc, self refferral). So cast as large of a net as you can because everything counts! :slightly_smiling:

Excellent! I have an idea.

Do we actually get commissions from returning buyers now?

No commissions, this is just a competition to get return buyers back.

This is just a competition but I hope to gain some insight to possibly change that payout structure in the future. So compete hard and good luck to everyone!!


Me again. Is this based on “number of sales” or “monetary value of sales”?

Like would 1 wordpress theme referral beat 4 photodune referrals?


i hope not :smiley: would be pretty unfair if higher referral deposits count more than lower ones. so i guess 1 tf referral = 1 gr or pd referral!
it actually seems like photodune authors could rock this :smiley:

Number of return buyers, dollar amount is not taken into account in this competition!

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Actually, authors are not eligible to receive prizes in this competition. This one is mainly focused towards the traditional affiliates.

ah my bad, i meant pd affiliates, but happy now to understood all requirements :slight_smile:

How does an affiliate know if he referred a returning buyer if there is no referral income and only first-time deposits are shown in the dashboard?

Everyone playing blind?

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Oh that sucks. I thought it was like the previous competitions where authors were in the top winners.

eh, you can remove me from the signup form then. I’ll work on something else.