New $12K Content Challenge - Live Streaming [Video & Graphics]

Thanks to this event I think many authors purchased my HUD assets

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@steve_lam One simple (maybe stupid question) :slight_smile: What is the direct category where I can upload Twitch overlays and twitch panels on elements :slight_smile: ?

Update - this is how I upload my works on Elements - let me know if this is correct:

Digital Flyers goes to: "graphics -> Social"
Twitch Stream Overlay goes to: "graphic templates -> UX and UI Kits"

Youtube Channel Art (Banner)… -> and this is which I don’t really know where to upload. I see some YT banners in “Graphic templates -> websites + UX and UI Kits” and some of them in "Graphics -> Social"

So… I think we should explain this (I need explanation) because I’ve always been a defender of order so I don’t want to be the one who adds projects to the wrong categories now :wink:

Hey @PeakStar, I’m following this up for you :slight_smile:

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great :slight_smile: thanks

Hi @PeakStar, I have an answer for you!

If it’s a simple YouTube banner: then this will fit within "Graphics -> Social"

YouTube branding pack (including all the things someone would need): “Graphic templates -> websites + UX and UI Kits”

And you’re correct with the Twitch Stream Overlay too, as it contains multiple graphics :slight_smile:

Hope this helps!


No further questions sir! :slight_smile: thank you @steve_lam :slight_smile:

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Thank you, my articles were rejections but I don’t think they will pay me after November 19, good luck to all authors.


wow! it’s really crazy challenge) sitting home and get big cash!

@steve_lam I see graphics / social category on elements frozen - no new items, my items are waiting for review there too (for example on print templates it is going good, update every day) so maybe someone should take a look at this - more reviewers there… we have this contest with time deadline… hmmm ? ;]