Neo, is that you? Or a few words about the restrictions



apruve 88 tracks in 10 minutes


Maybe the author just uploaded all tracks previously, before the recent changes on upload limits. For some reason reviewers can hidden the tracks until requested update it’s done.

I think this is the reason.


mmmh… that is weird! What sorcery is this?


nah the new tracks are flooded with this Author ! hah thats awesome :stuck_out_tongue:


Hmm the production is quite good but still … 88 tracks approved in one day?! SAME RULES FOR ALL AUTHORS, ENVATO!! THANK YOU!


And already 60 sales? Wtf? I probably saw something wrong.




:smirk: How is this possible?


88 tracks in a day and 60 sales already :frowning:


Well, I certainly won’t be putting out any 90’s pop/rock or country tracks now because that’s really good stuff for the style and genre. They’re going to corner the market on that here if those sales were all from today. The company has apparently been around since 1993 and this sounds like an old catalog they want to move. I suspect they were lurking here waiting for PRO registration since 2014, same as me. Perhaps they changed accounts and the music was transferred on the date shown. Who knows. Either way, I’m pretty sure there’s an explanation that makes sense.

I have to say, though. Honestly, if I was Envato, I would have “fast tracked” them because the music is very good. If those 60 sales are all in one day, then obviously, they made a good choice. Envato has a forum that gives you the feeling that you’re a community… but, the reality is that this is a business and they aren’t obligated to put people in a cue and wait their turn or be “fair” to other authors.

I think we might soon be seeing an end to micro-stock being a market for hobbyists. A lot of the the bigger micro-stocks are becoming competitive with production music libraries and some have closed their doors to open membership and moved to composer auditions. That’s probably coming here soon considering the fact that the forum is reflecting a rapidly increase in rejected tracks.


Wow their music is phenomenal


So, I remember there was 5 tracks restriction for non-elite authors since august of 2016. It might happend that they uploaded their stuff before restrictions took their place, but then they had to wait around ~5 months for approve / reject, and this looks strange anyway :thinking:


I wouldn’t be concerned that this this the end of pop-rock sales for all other authors. All their tracks sound more or less the same. They nailed that one sound flawlessly though, very authentic and punchy, but there’s no big diversity in their portfolio.
And they probably suck at corporate. :smiley: (just kidding)



While I do sometimes feel like I’m living in a computer generated world, this was simply an account that had submissions that were hidden due to PRO issues before the policy was updated. Now that PRO submissions are allowed, the items are visible again.

Now I have some extra red and blue pills if anyone wants one?


Last week i uploaded my first country track, now it´s in the 20345,2897 page. :joy::joy::joy:


It does seem that if your items are ‘reactivated’ like this you get a nice little bonus when they all pop up as ‘new items’ :slight_smile: (Although of course that would only be relevant in this case if the items concerned had been previously visible for sale at some point in the past.)


could it be a contract ?