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Hi there. I have a question. Has anyone ever written or received a negative comment? I see only positive ones. When I have free time, I like to listen to new downloaded items. But less and less often, I find unique, creative music, which is pleasant to listen to, and more and more work is being done with templates that look alike to each other like twins. At such times I have a desire to write negative feedback, but I restrain myself, because it is tactless. But because of these authors (conveyors), it is increasingly difficult to find interesting music. I’m sure that AJ clients will support me. Is there anyone who had a practice of writing a negative feedback? And what does it threaten? Is it allowed?

Look , this has a negative will impact on you .
If you want to listen to music, then go on YouTube and search Johnny Cash listen and enjoy !
Here Commerce and many tracks are similar to each other .
Everything ( people ) , someone gaining more experience , someone already wrote a very cool , but not the essence .
We need to support each other , because it’s a big family .
If You don’t like some song , write the author a personal message .
But if you do it as you say, it will lead to a bad reputation, firstly to you as the initiator , and secondly, to do it nobody will , for one simple reason : as the saying goes “what a man sows that shall he also reap”

All the best !


obviously, you do not understand the issue. You can not argue that the work of many authors, clogged with clones of similar monotonous tracks, constantly copy each other. This adversely affects everyone - clients because they have almost no choice, exclusive authors who create stunning compositions but do not receive sales, because customers can not find their items. There is a number of topics on this forum in which the discussion of these problems has been raised many times. Customers who are looking for music for projects but meet the same 4 chords on the ukulele, go to other stocks. - this is an analogy, but I hope you understand what I’m talking about. Any music is needed and important for different projects, but I do not see anything wrong with writing negative feedback to authors who cloak their composers with their clones.
P.S. any music, even commercial, is very multifaceted and diverse, and partial or complete copying comes from not wanting or not working.
But thanks for your answer.

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Authors can report it. After several reports you will most likely be disabled as an author from the marketplaces.

This is defined as personal taste, what you dislike, others may like, and vice-versa. It’s best that you don’t go on a hunting spree and leave your opinions in comments. That’s why the marketplaces have reviewers, and that’s why the marketplaces have reviews.

In any case, the comments section is not a “everyone is a reviewer” section.

Awesome, now imagine if the top selling author leaves a comment on all your items “Your item is a clone” … what then? Everyone can see that guy is actually a big dog on the marketplaces. your product is officially dead. But you think he is not right, and you like the song, but he doesn’t. That’s why it’s called personal preference. Don’t like something? Don’t listen / see / buy it.

Explained as easily as possible, go to any Apple Store, or a Samsung Store or whatever, and sit in front of their door and tell everyone their products are clones. You can quote your right to freedom of speech on the way to jail with a hefty fine and a defamatory class action lawsuit on your hands afterwards.

My opinion as a Moderator, do not do this. You will most certainly be disabled.
My opinion as an author, mind your own business, after an item is approved, who are you but a colleague of mine to judge my product? I can judge yours based on my personal preferences as well.



Hey @EricForster . My advice to you, move on a positive wave, and the negative can always be left in the gym! Good luck, inspiration and creative success to you!


@Enabled thanks for aswer.
@CleanMagicAudio very thanks and have a nice day:)


Well… it’s a good point… I think we all are able to do the both negative-positive comments… but…
When I write a comment , I try always to enforce the good points in the track , the good momens and the brightest elements of the composition.
I think all the tracks have better points than others, and I think it’s constructive to highlight the strong ones.
It’s just an opinion.
Greetings and good luck!

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