Nees Help and review of my item

I am submit my item for sale
Username : admin
Password: 123

But unfortunately rejected

Please help me out for accepting my item

I m very thankful because I m investing to much time and effort.


It looks good!
Perhaps there are problems with security or code quality? If not, I don’t know the reason for rejection. I think this item could be published.

But I think CRM systems market is oversaturated right now.
It’s hard to get approval here - your item should add new fantastic features. I mean, there are a lot of similar products. Most likely your product could not stand the competition and therefore you have been denied.

Thanks I have done it with long time effort
Please guide how I clear security and code problem

My item is 100% unique I checked thoroughly in codecanyan no item found to generate bulk fee bill and fee receipt system will multiple institutions managment system

I have too much hope for publication