Neep HELP to find a song or at least the author!!!


I downloaded the preview of a song called Inspired by Soundside and can’t find it anywhere. I really like that sound I would be really grateful if you could help me find it.


He’s changed username to Red Fox. Here it is

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Thank you thank you thank you!!! AbnormAudio you are the best !!!


I just realized it’s not the same song. Here is the song I am looking for:
Let me know if it works and thank you very much. I really appreciate it.


Found it :smiley:


Great that it worked out. Same author. Just picked the wrong “inspired” track :wink: I just went on the title since I didn’t have an audio example. Knew he changed name though.

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OMG thank you so much !!! You saved my life :wink:


Haha yeah not your fault ! Thank you so so so much for your help :wink: