Neeed advice as a newcomer in videohive ?


Al last I got my new powerful workstation (PC) . Now I would like to learn motion graphic + video editing as videohive standard.

So as a newcomer I am totally confused. How to get started, what should I learn first?

Although I started my learning already from the internet. But getting confused sometimes.
I know its very changing to achieve that skils as videohive standard but I will try my best with my 100% effort and will achive .

Please, advice and guide me to move forward.
Hope you will help me to grow.



Hello! First, see video tutorials Andrew Kramer )


Can you explain a little bit more ?

Can you advise me which topic should I learn first ?
Give me a startup guide which topic should I learn then.


Watch the video lessons, create your idea and see what happens. Most importantly do not sit the! )




Think about specializing in a subject you enjoy most, that is very important, if you enjoy what you are doing and are passionate about it then your work will reflect that.
If you chase the money you will mostly fail - If you chase excellence in your own work that you are passionate about success is guaranteed as is happiness .

Think about what inspires you to be creative.
Think about what you enjoy most.
Learn the tools that allow you to create that.
Remember - the tool isn’t the creative .

Good luck for the future!