Needing Help Identifying Song


I downloaded a clip, renamed it (story tale as old as time) and cannot find it on the site anywhere. Can anyone help? Clip below:


Hey FooDog! Use this technique to find your track:

  • Search for a few obvious keywords. The ones I used for this were ‘inspirational piano drums
  • Use the filters on the left of the results to refine your search:
    Track Length: 2:03 - 2:07
    Open the file in an audio editor and find the length of the longest version included in the preview. This preview has 5 versions and the length of the first (longest) version is between 2:03 and 2:07. Hit the grey > once you’ve entered the values to update the results.
    BPM: 160+
    Use to find the BPM of the tune by clicking to the beat. Bear in mind though that if the track has a double-time feel, this could have two possible values depending on what the author considers the strong beat to be. For instance, my initial feeling for this track was 80bpm, since the main melody and chords are slow, and overall it feels like a slower track, but the rhythm has a strong 8th note feel to it (with a 3-3-2 syncopation) making it a possible 160 BPM. The author actually indicated 160BPM for this track, so you need to choose the 160+ option.
  • This should have narrowed your results enough to go through them. You also know that the preview track had 5 versions. the number of track versions is stated on each of the results, so you only need to audition the results that say ‘Tracks 5

You will find the one you’re looking for halfway down the first results page.

You are amazing! Thank you so much!!!

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