Needed: product designer plugin for Wordpress


I am looking for a Wordpress plugin that allows me to embed a section on a website where a customer can design a custom drink label. They need to have the following options:

• select a custom label shape (we have a library of around 7 design we want to use)
• select a font from a drop down list for 3 different parts of the label
• select a background image that will be come part of the shape selected above
• email the finalized design (no ecommerce needed)

If anyone can point me in the general direction, I’d really appreciate it. I did see a few plugins that work with Woo-commerce, but, we are not looking for ecomm capability at this point - the design would simply be emailed to our company - thanks!


I do have one plugin which can do whatever you wrote with little customization so if you want to discuss more then lets discuss it on email further.


where should I email you at?