Needed P2P Bitcoin and altcoins exchanger

hello, i need p2p bitcoin exchanger and altcoins.


1.web p2p can trading altcoins and bitcoin,eth,fiat currency and vice versa.
2.can added new altcoins to be traded at our exchanger. chat for traders can be comunicate each other and admin can banned unpolite or break rules terms and agreements in time that can be chosen by admin. desk and faq include ticket support can be integrate.
5.editable tradings fees and deposit and withdrawal fees.
6.example can see ,
7.can give clients free coins that we bought already and locked until they fulfill terms and agreement so can sell example free 50 , so min must transaction 500 for wd.
8.anything needed for p2p crypto exchange.

Security measures:
1)Unwanted files checking with root path
2)SMTP mail function details
3)greater than 1 time if 404 found blocking
4)DB config file encrypted
5)IP restriction db
6)Access log checking
7)File upload checking
8)Htaccess checking
9)CSRF XSS security integration
10)Mail split for all users (depends on users count)
11)Admin login pattern
12)SQL command storing process
13)Wrong admin login attempt log on database
14)Change Admin URL and Password
15)Check Email changing option in admin panel
16)Auto logout function for admin and frontend
17)Withdraw confirmation from admin
18)Admin panel IP restriction
19)Bitgo JS details cncryption in database
20)Manual deposit confirmation from admin email
21)upload image mime type checking
22)Images url encryption(data url)
23)Withdraw phone number OTP verification
24)SQL trigger
25)File mapping cron process
26)Core file replace when move to live server

Can email me at

I think this is not the correct place to ask complex and high risk projects like this one

Hello, may You have suggest, because i contact support for Envato they ask
me to ask the project at here.thanks

I don’t know no one with these skills :frowning:

Thank You for the information, i just follow the guidelines from envato
support, hope can meet what i needed.


As @Schiocco just mentioned. This is a too in-details/big project or request :slight_smile: I’m afraid that you will not find a all-in-one ready to be used solution on Envato. But, what you can do is to search for some talented developers on Envato Studio to build the perfect too as per your description.

Good Luck :slight_smile:

Hello, Thanks for the suggestion, but if have any information, please do
not hesitate for contact me.

@ThemeSLR is right you could look on Envato studio but I am pretty sure that this is way too advanced and specialised for even the best developers on a stock marktplace, let alone the server, security, maintenance and tech considerations that you would need to think about.

Just to manage expectation, assuming you could find someone who could do this then you would be looking at an absolute minimum of tens of thousands of $ if not more.

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