Need your pro feedback before upload my html template.

please see this & help me to improve it. here is my demo link-

thank you all!

The red color is a little sore eyes, otherwise, I like your template :slight_smile:

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Hi @Khothemes, is there any problem without color? i will change the color.

I noticed that the “contact” link sent on the newsletter form, this is normal?
One thing you should change is the color placeholders of your input, the white color would be far better than gray.

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Refine the following:

  • Typography of the About section (remove inconsistencies with rest of template)
  • Working on your input forms, especially the padding (inside the inputs, increase it!)
  • Also change the red. The contact section is too massive for such a bold red color.
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Thank you very much @Conceptiks, I am doing.