Need your opinions about my rejected item

Hello all,
I need your advices about my hard rejected item and tell me about it’s disadvantages
and I want to ask if it’s allowed to take free PHOTOS or VIDEOS from google search engine to use them in my templates ?

You can use images with creative commons license. It’s not a good idea to use images from google image search.
I recommend you to use images only from popular sites, that have needful license.
Such as:
What about your item: sorry but… everything is bad here. it’s looks too old. veeery old. i feel 2002 year;) bad colors, bad animation, bad images, too small images, bad composition, similar scenes, final red text block is hard to see on violet background, grey logo is hard to see on violet background too.
If you will improve this project and submit it again, it will be rejected 100%. I recomend you leave this item, and start to create something new and better.
Wish you improve your skill and make more and more amazing design products :wink:

Thank you so much
I’m so glad to have your advices , I’ll try to avoid these bad points next time
and what if I want to use VIDEOS ? can you recommend me to have a site ?

And I recommend that you always learning what’s popular now, what’s in trend now. And not only here on Videohive, but also in Vimeo, Behance, YouTube, etc. You can always borrow ideas for design elements on these sites (not to steal, but be inspired)
About video for your project: Usualy videohive authors use video from Vimeo. But dont forget filtered you search request by needful license. Explore more information about different kinds of license on innternet.
And you should remember that all video/images that you use, you can use only for preview. So your project that you sale should be empty