Need your opinion of Halloween party flyer

It took a lot of time to complete this Halloween flyer.
What you think of it, can it be approved?


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Not well integrated. Shadows and lights are placed arbitrary. The main character looks like a sticker placed over an image.

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Ok i will work on this, are there other major injuries?
I see a lot of the same flyers with a busy background, a female model and a lot of random text all over placed gets approved.
I guess my flyer is much better than the oversaturated items.

It’s ok to create something different and unique but you need a flowless integration. Also keep in mind the selling potential because I don’t think that guy is direct Halloween related (can be used for a circus flyer very well). Most of the customers are clubs, pubs and bars and they need something with maximum impact for their event. My advice is to keep it simple by using 1-2 elements well integrated, a very strong concept and good typography. Also you need to work on hierarchy right now “Dragoslav” is more visible the title. That texture on title doesn’t help. Date is unreadable. The blood and the pumpkins looks fake.

Look at this Guinness ad for Halloween. This is what I call a perfect integration.