Need your opinion: bundle of 'listed items' hard rejected ... (solved - Thanks Envato)



Dear friends and reviewers … need your feedback on my hard rejected resume bundle item. The reveiwer reasons to reject my ‘Resume Bundle’ (it’s a bundle of 2 listed items) is : " …As the submission is too far off the standards we require, you’ll be unable to re-submit on this occasion. …".

This bundle item is a bundle of 2 listed ‘infographic resume’ items :

Need your opinion and maybe a suggestion on what to do about this matter … Thanks

Bundle Item Rejectted

We hope envato change or even teaches their reviewer something about
this problem, Reviewers can not judge projects only based on their
reviewer’s day mood.

Maybe envato have to change their structure of reviewers !!!

We have same problems with them.


Dear DigiPhic, very sorry that you face a same problem with the reviewing process.

I have so many items that have been hard rejected this whole 2 months … even in my own opinion all the items are good enough to sell in Envato Market :slight_smile: … but that’s ok … I admired the reviewer point of view … that is their call to make a judgement whether one item is meet the Envato standard or not. But this ‘Resume Bundle’ is a bundle of items that already reviewed, accepted and listed on the Envato Market, means they have decided that these items have met the Envato Submission Standards … now how come they reject same items with " … the submission is too far off the standards we require …"?

Thanks DigiPhic.


I am no designer but it does say here the minimum for print templates is 3 items per pack - could that have something to do with it?

For what it’s worth the reviewers are not chosen lightly - they are all experts in their field as well as having expert knowledge of the marketplaces to know what does/does not work.

Of course there will be times when people don’t agree with the decisions but (and it has been discussed a million times):

  1. Someone has to be in place to make the call to maintain the quality standards which set envato apart from other marketplaces - it does not matter who/how this is done there will always be a level of subjectivity involved

  2. There is already a huge backlog in submissions, partly driven my sheer numbers including by many files which are nowhere close to the standard. If reviewers had to explain the cause of rejection every time the queues would be unmanageable.

On top of this - what’s to say (using a web template as an example) a reviewer says the “typography is not up to standard” - what guarantee does that give that the author will have the skills to make it right? What happens when an author feels they have addressed the problem but it is still not good enough?

The simple fact is there will always be apparent improvements, but it is important to consider the bigger picture


This is the reason that we said they even don’t specify time to review projects correctly.

You have created a bundle of projects that are already accepted and they even try to take a look at your profile to see that is this bundle really consist of your previous accepted items.

We think day after day envato reviewers are going to be more lazy unfortunately!!!


Dear @charlie4282 … thanks for your reply, I really appreciate it …

I am sorry for bringing this matter to the forum. I am sure I have learn the submission guidelines very carefully before I submit the item. for this ‘resume bundle’ submission I have read and refer to this guidelines , which stated :

Bundle Guidelines

  • Bundles must contain a minimum of 2 items and a maximum of 10 items.
  • All files in a bundle must be available as single items on the marketplace before a bundle is submitted.

I believe you also agree that my ‘Resume Bundle’ is a Bundle not a Pack, as mention on the above guidelines :

‘Bundles are different to Packs as they’re made up of items already available for sale on GraphicRiver.’

I admire the reviewer point of view … very much … on deciding whether one item can be accepted or rejected, I have no question about that, I just need an opinion or maybe a clarification on why my ‘Bundle’ which consist of 2 items that have been accepted by the reviewer before is hard rejected with ’ … " … the submission is too far off the standards we require …" reasons.

Thank you @charlie4282


Dear @DigiPhic, I believe they have their own reason to reject my bundle, although I think it is quite unfair to reject a bundle of ‘already listed’ items with that reason. I just need an opinion or maybe an explanation … hopefully it’s only because they mistakenly thought that the items in that bundle are not already listed / available on GraphicRiver.

Hope they can accept the bundle … Thanks.


Finally … my item is accepted, thanks Envato :slight_smile: