Need Your Opinion Before Submit This Corporate Track

Hey Folks ,
Since i’ve submitted 3 tracks last 2 months and all of them got rejected i’ve become afraid of getting another rejection so i need your opinion please ,i saw everyone putting audiojungle watermark so i did at some points hope it’s not annoying, and thanks everyone

Dont mind that Volume automation at the beginning .

The idea is very cool, but there is no lower middle, there is no density near the track. Although this is my personal opinion, you will not please everyone)

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Thank you soo much , i will try to fix it
please if there’s anything else i can edit kindly tell me
and thanks again ^

Hey OudibSounds, the idea is good, I would check the main synthy line ones, the first time the 4th chord (0:06) something doesn’t add up, later on fits well. Maybe overall a bit too repetative, escpecially this main motive, maybe add some variation to it. Good luck with the submission this time!

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Thank you so much AudioPrince
I Thought of the same after hearing it again and again
thank you again

I think it’s a very original idea :slight_smile: maybe adding some more middle frequencies, as @CapsuleDeath said… harmonies are curious, different… love it! I don’t know what curators will think about this…
good luck!

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Thank You So Much @Kannonh
I Added Some middle Frequencies , if anything else i can please let me know
And thank you so much for such an encouraging and helpful feedback@