Need your opinion and tips about not so corporate portfolio

Hello guys!

I am not new to AJ, but I’ve been posting lots of music lately. I think I have some solid tracks in my portfolio but I don’t get lots of sales. Can you check some of my tracks and give me a piece of advice on how to (and where) can I promote my portfolio to get more sales? It’s more electronic/cinematic kind of way, not so corporate.

Thanks guys!

Full portfolio here:
and here:

I love your music! …
You have very good compositions, it sounds great!!
Maybe some possible costumers don’t like sudden changes on dynamics? (1:45 on first track)
Mixing some complex and unpredictable harmonies (from 0:42 on 2nd track)… (but I find it great… lol)
wow! third track sounds hard, great, big!! have no words! :smiley: looks like it’s nice for film sci-fi action suspense kinds? don’t know, maybe this genre is more limited to find costumers… but sounds great! you have very brilliant work, man!
the third is more commercial than others? I found it good for advertising… I can visualize some actions: someone walking,…etc…
the fourth is more for world documentaries… presentations… etc… good rhythm… some exotic sounds that some costumers may be reluctant to choose this kind, depending of their own preferences?

I don’t know, thanks for share, I enjoyed all of your tracks ;D
Maybe I recommend you to strength your social network , sharing and updating your news there …I think I’m going to do the same, because I have placed some loved tracks here that I cannot sell it at all lol

Congratulations for your work!
greetings and sorry for my english :stuck_out_tongue:

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I had a listen through your portfolio. I think your music and production level is of high quality and very viable commercially. My guess is that your tracks are not being “found” with the search engine. You’ve elected to name your tracks with unique and artistic names. This is fine, but these become tough to find by the users because Envato puts a lot of search engine weighting on the name - not the tags. So I would suggest adding a few descriptive (searchable) words to your fresh and unique titles. This may improve the number of hits on your tracks. Keep it up. Great content! :thumbsup:

p.s. This business is mostly a numbers game. You will also get increased exposure and hits as you increase your portfolio.


Thanks for the tip, MidnightSnap! I will try to get more generic names for my tracks and will look what impact it will get on sales. And manage socials a little more, of course. Appreciate your help and positive feedback.

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Kannonh, thanks! Yeah my tracks have lots of strange unexpected stuff, because I am a big fan of BT :slight_smile: Also I want to make quality stuff and I try to make my tracks as individual compositions.

Yeah, I suppose sometimes it can be bad for sales, but at least I am having fun while producing :slight_smile:

Thanks for your time and good feedback about my music, very much appreciated:)


WEll done!
we need to dignify our profession… to sell is fine, but we must put quality and personality into our job.
Kee doing and good luck with sales!! :smiley: