Need your opinion about project!!


Good day to you!!

If anyone can hear this project and say their opinion about can I upload to the site and good quality for that, if not, it would be great to hear my mistakes!! ))

Thank you for attention!


Hello friend,
I love your track. I think you made the stereo width a little over.
The uplifting sound fx i think it doesn’t fit to your track. The drum/percussion need more punch and clearer.
After the main part (hook) you can use sub fx for like some commercial trailer. Because when i listen to the track, i feel it have 2 ending.
Maybe i’m wrong but that the things i can say. Hope it help.
Good luck brother.


Ok bro ))) Thanks for that!!
I will thinking about this!!


Track like, but I would have finished in 1:15 …really i feel it have 2 ending.


Ok, so, i think that i try upload that version without any innovation and if it will accept then i upload a short version ))

Concerning effect of punch for percussion, I fear that they will be too stand out and the overall composition…


Hmmmm…reject,probably at envato to me personal hostility :confused::weary: