Need your opinion about my design. Will it gonna approve?

Need your opinion about my design. Will, it gonna approve?
Thank You :slight_smile:


Check this link Search results for 'calendar rejected' - Envato Forums

There are many rejected calendars similar with your item.

@DesignSomething Thanks for your reply.

hi there sorry to tell u just this, but, look , do u think that u would buy such an item if u were a buyer? my answer is that I guess : no, u would not … the thing is that not only is the global style really simple overall and execution time rather limited so that same goes with the commercial potential to say the least … but there are collection of things to change, improve and so on apart from this. So, to sum up, for a buyer to buy it takes that they identify that they can save some significant time out of buying or that that they feel like they will offer an item with graphic skills going far beyond theirs, and, at this stage, this is not what happens here for both. Apart form this there are some basic design principles being violated here , such as alignment, pls keep in mind that this is a corporate item and a template which means that at the very minimum u are expected to provide people with something pro and well arranged all the way, which is not compatible with violating any basic design principle of course. The thing gets worse if u are sort of violating another one, with the contrast of some elements being rather weak indeed. This is a snowball effect leads u to be confronted with exposure / impact , readability and hierarchy problems in the process. The fake logo rather flattens it all a bit more than any other thing and in terms of branding the positioning of the logo makes very little sense and this inspires me that maybe u are not aware of z-lay out or that u did not take it into account, which more or less amounts to the same in the end … the way the dates are being positioned is not looking great either , once again , they do not look align and there the direct consequence is a loss of harmony