Need your help!

What do they want ? Please explain to me… They want the tracks mixed at the studios for millions of dollars? Why do I have to guess that they don’t like? I go listen to other music sellers and hear items much worse. I asked people and they also can not explain to me what is the essence. Give me the answer Please.
Hard Reject

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I think the fact that a lot of tools are double , that a bit mixed dirty!

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Soft rejected are no longer in fashion?

My sound is better than many taken items. Gne is just my opinion. I was not allowed to listen to the musicians. similar tracks and their and were asked to rate without bias. I have the impression that there music is written for reviewers who check the music with cotton in my ears.

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I think the soft reject is given in particular to edit the description or tags, and something else , in my case was once that I changed the end of the track , I printsipe not experienced with this !)

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I don’t think it’s primarily about the mix. Pretty sure that a really good composition mixed like this would make it through the review process. The problem here is that the music is rather repetative and monotonuous, there is no harmonic development, chord progression, no melody, the track does really take you anywhere and the stomping quality with that repetative phrase gets annoying after a while. I imagine the reviewer thought that the entire track would need to be rewritten including new harmonies, melody, etc. - that’s why it was hard rejected.


Thanks for the reply. The fact of the matter is that already that time I get a rejection letter which says about the bad sound quality and I was misled. at the same time, in the recommended articles from the “envato” suggest not to use multi-part harmonies and blazing solos party. It turns out they contradict themselves.

Excellent comments from @FirstNote, I agree with what he’s said.

I never heard of soft reject on aj regarding music …

Take a look at my music … … I got hard rejected …

It is a waste of time to create for aj(that’s why now I’m giving my music for free ) unless you are an expert and you can do almost the same thing that most of the authors are doing …

Soft reject on aj is a mit! (I’m not talking about tags, description etc … )

I’m not an expert but you music is way to simple … I agree with @FirstNote