Need your help


What’s wrong with that track?
I dont understand


Purely on a mixing perspective this is way too much with limiting and ducking very evident. I would suggest to reduce the input threshold to restore the intricate parts to your arrangement. Less is more. RMS I believe has defeated your mix. IMHO :slight_smile:


Yes, it’s a bad mix… Try to remix at more normal levels and do not over compress. Also it’s not a bad ideea to pick up another formula of chords (more typical) for your song, perhaps this one scared the reviewer. Cheers!!


thanx, what do u mean saying another formula of chords (more typical)?


Of course I’m jocking, because 80% of the AJ songs stand in a 4 chords: C, G, Am, F or C, F, Am, G or something… Perhaps that kind of combination sounds very familiar to our reviewers. But guess what?? Those songs sells very very well. I have a couple of songs with different chords combination, maybe a little innovative, but with zero or one or two sales.


hm, interesting =) and boring =))


i am not an expert in any way about music, but i like it , i would just suggest to try to introduce a short part in the track breaking with the original rhythm to catch people’s attention even more …


some really cool ideas, bad mixing though! Some conflicting notes as well. Love the energy, but needs a lot of work.


Don’t let the ‘loudness wars’ damage your sound:-)


Thank you!


Agree with whats said.

Also what a weird female whispering voice saying like "go"
Need to remove that!


Agreed on what’s said, but think it can become a great track. Would love to hear the pure tracks (piano) to see what it can become. Don’t think the reviewers get easily scared with al the thing they have to listen to :weary:
Although the standard chords/progression sells, it’s boring. I think other chords can work really well (doesn’t matter for the buyers?) if the track in total works.


what about now?


Obviously doesn’t work ! :smiling_imp:

PS: good stuff


doesn’t work?


what’s wrong with that voice?


Was a joke ofcourse.
Nice track!


thank you!


It limits the usability !