Need your help !

guys my item need improvement I got this comment but don’t understand it !

“2) Use less subjective models in the preview file.”

can anyone tell me what they mean exactly ?

If you want feedback, you should show your preview file

done check it

I guess the reviewer afraid that you use photos without “Creative Commons” license. Are you sure you can use this photos? You should use photo without people, or photo with people from free sites. Like this:

My best guess from reading their very limited feedback and then looking at your preview, is that you can’t use the more sexually suggestive or scantily clad pics of women. You have to be careful on Envato about sexually explicit pictures, so I would say just swap out the 2 or 3 most sexy pics in the preview.

Probably the reviewer meant to write “Use less suggestive models in the preview file.”

As other people mentioned, the images with the girls may be the problem. First, those images are sexually suggestive and this may be one of the first reason they rejected your package. Second, because those images are sexually suggestive it may mean you just googled some images with girls and you used whatever you managed to find, which means you don’t have all the rights to use the images, because they are not yours and you probably didn’t pay for them.

So, try to change your preview, and keep these things in mind:

  1. Use images that are under the “Creative Commons” license. That means you can use those images in any project you have. A website I use for that is StockSnap. Get there and you can use all the images you want.

  2. There is no problem using images of girls in your previews (I use images of girls all the time), just make sure they are decent and the girls in the images do not suggest anything sexually related.

Thanks guys,
The problem was because of the sexually image.
Thanks for you help !


Glad you solved the problem, good luck with the package! :slight_smile: