Need your help! Why do you think these Youtube Thumbnail works are rejected hard?

Is there something I am not aware of that I cannot see? What do you think should I do?

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hi buddy , i rather like what u have here, i can feel the there was a real try to bring some originality to the table indeed but i tend to believe that in a general way this would be cool to push the envelope a little bit more graphic design wise, all the same, especially by adding a bit work in the backgrounds of all these banners indeed. This was for the general observation about all banners if u wish, now let’s get into deeper details one by one …

red natural one
this is probably the one i like the most as there is a modern side and also a cool way to dress more the background, especially compared with the rest of the banners. Now u have a collection of issues to deal with all the same …
1- typo
sorry to say just this but this is too basic for here … expectations are high and u are being asked to do more , to introduce variations, font combinations and originality touches , all this keeping a real harmony , what u have at this stage is lacking impact
2- hierarchy
pls keep in mind that u are supposed to sort texts according to the importance and that the more texts will have to spring out and the more u will have to add boldness, strokes, outstanding colors and shadowing … here u have even the opposit as seen if u wan to insist on natural - which can be discussed - the boldness would this better of sin “natural” than on “make up” and there is also too much of a discrepancy between both parts anyways and both are part of the central title … 5 tips is not being emphasized enough and the strange thing about it is that u are wandering why the details of the 5 tips is not detailed anywhere … also make sure that make up can be more seen …
3- text disposition
i do not see any logics begin dthe way texts are aligned flagged and so on and there is an impact of coherence, harmony and aesthetics
4- contrast
with the "make up u are somehow violating a basic design principle as the bottom line is that there is a lack of contrast on this part with the background under and thus this is hard to read …
5- shadowing / realism
the model would be more underlined and the arrangement would be more convincing with a shadowing under the girl …

this is tastefully arranged, there is sort of a harmony but the fact of the matter is that there is very little design into this one … this would take no time and no particular skills to redo it quickly and there is a big impact on the commercial potential of it, after all, why accepting it if people would not necessarily feel like buying since they would not save significant time so that they feel this is money worth so to speak … the main title is lacking impact and contrast and not being valued as it should be , u either have to work on the color of it, or the shadowing or the boldness or maybe a bit of all altogether lol the tagline is not in the right proportion, not in a readable font and bringing trouble to the table as more readable than the bigger title … making the hierarchy off in the process … there are many texts violating the contrast principle here and the shadowing and the disposition of the model look not matching each other if u ask me …

travel the world
well sorry to say just this … but this is quicker to redo it all about this one lol the choice of the pick is cool, but ether is not shadowing, the graphic design is lose to squat , the alignment is completely disfunctional and following no logics and at all and the font combination is not working at all , not to mention that having italy crossing the word “world” makes it very difficult to read indeed … pls also keep in mind for all banners that “subscribe " is supposed to be a “call for action button …” it has thus to be appealing, colorful, catching the attention and so on … clearly the opposit of what u have here LOL the contrast of the main title with the background is not ok and the hierarchy is broken - as he logos by the way” by the strange several levels in the main titles and making some wrong part prevail over others . for the global color , pls think about complementary colors shades of the same color and theme colors, this will be a better choice , what u have here is not working in my view

world of healthy
i always recommend not to try too much to mix circular and rectangular shapes so much as many people cannot really handle it so ell and here in fact with the central circle u rather break the harmony rather than anything else. Color combinations are not working … think about complementary colors shades of the same color and theme colors, this is better a choice. The contrast of many test must be somehow improved and the readability too . The call for action button needs more punch , a shadowing under the model would be welcome as well as some more effort on adding something a bit more to make the design more elaborated and that it looks more worked out and worth paying for … the typo is clean but having a bit originality down the road would clearly not hurt …

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Thank you so much for your efforts. I will try to read and understand what he wrote. thanks my friend.

Looking at them in the sizes that they’d actually be on Youtube, it’s really hard to read anything on most of them.

Thank you so much for your comment

It’s really very helpful! Thanks a lot.

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u are welcome buddy :slight_smile: happy if it could help :slight_smile: if u have enough clues as regard to what to do with the item pls check the solution box :slight_smile: good work and good luck :slight_smile:

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