Need your help! Rejected epic.

Hi, everybody! The track is hard rejected. As far as I have understood, mixing bad + violins too false? What do you think about it? Position of the microphone of violins, a chelesta about glockenspiel, percussions, piatti-cymbals too loud?

This category of Audio Jungle is densely populated with “Epic” tracks and to create something that is commercially viable the bar has been raised significantly due to the wonderfully talented Skyproductions, Robert Slump and of course Martijndebont. Listen to their mixes and arrangements - they are frustratingly good.

There doesn’t seem to be a lot going on in the low end. I can’t really hear any contrabass strings or trombones/tubas underpinning the track.

Some of the percussion parts sound slightly out of time.

The intensity doesn’t seem to change throughout the track. There seems to be the same instruments playing the same theme at the same dynamic level throughout. If you’re going to have the same theme playing over and over, i think you should create more variation in the orchestration and build the track up slowly from a low intensity (Check out Hans Zimmer main theme from “Inception” for a good example of this).

Just my opinion of course, i’m by no means an expert.

@Puzzlefactory, @gballx, thanks a lot for your opinions, I wish you many sales).