Need your help! PP version of my bestseller has been rejected.

Hello, community.

Need your help. I have a project, which is my best-selling project.

The project is very often bought. The number of sales throughout the time was fairly evenly distributed. Buyers very often praised the project and I received positive feedback on the post or in the comments. And also very often I was asked to make a version of the project for Premiere Pro. The very idea of the project is even more intended for the Premiere, because it will be rendered faster.

Today my project for Premiere Pro was rejected, and I do not know what to do. And as well as being with customers who want a version for PP. After all, there really is a demand and I do not understand the logic of Envato in such decisions.

Maybe there is some way to contact Envato and explain the situation? After all, not only do I lose profit but they also. And for me now it is very critical, after the reject of another project, which I did 3 months.

Maybe my mistake was that I did not specify in the comments for the reviewer that this is a version for the PP of an already existing and successfully sold project? Do you think, maybe, I can upload the project again and provide a link to the AE project in the comment for rewiewer?

I do not even know what to do. The letter said it was necessary to ask for help from the community. That’s what I decided to do. I hope for your аdvise.


When submitting projects to new categories that have been previously approved in a different category, please provide a link to the approved item.

Providing the reviewer with a link to confirm it currently exists on the marketplace, will help to avoid this from occurring.


Thanks for the answer. I admit my mistake. I will send a second request.