Need your help "muse theme"




i try to submit my first theme but i have a problem “it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward”

i need your notice to make a better theme.



Hi there,

There are several major issue in your template.

  1. Spacing issues - Pay attention to spacing. At a first look this seems to be the most ugly part from your template. Sorry to be so drastic :slight_smile:

  2. That hover from contact form fields needs to be improved. Add some kind of transitions on hover.

  3. Footer - spacing issues/replace those social media images(why you used images?!) with font icons(such us fontawesome). Wrong paragraph spacing on contact (address/email etc)

  4. Add a hover over the burger navigation from header

  5. This header bar is so empty…Don’t know, try to populate it with some features(phone number, or any other info)

  6. Improve typography all over the site. One example on header.

  7. Increase space between image and text, here:

  8. Suggestion: If this is a One Page template, my suggestion is to remove that burger menu. Add all nav menu items next to site logo, To see them while you are scrolling



OK thank you i will work on it


Your design is good but need spacing as say @ThemeSLR.

Good Luck :slight_smile: Regards.


thanks for your help i update my theme but always reject.

Can you tell me why ?