Need Your Help Envato Friends


I’m asking guys if there is someone can help me and tell me how I can delete the extra spaces :frowning: Thanks

You mean between the words? It looks like the text is justified - change that to left aligned and they will go

(its impossible to tell exactly without seeing the site/code itself)

Hi Charlie

Thanks for reply, Yes what I mean is the space between words I know if I change it to left it will be ok, but I wanted to make it in a template, this problem is general in Wordpress, I thought it’s easy to do but no :slight_smile:

Thank you

Can you not just style all ‘posts’ (assuming that’s what that element is) to be left aligned?

When I try to make it Justify

You’ve lost me a bit - it is the ‘justifying’ which is likely causing the excess spacing on the words. You need to not have it justified to prevent it (sorry if I am mis understanding you)

Don’t be sorry I understand, also sorry for my English, I’m trying to explain as I can, Yes I don’t need to do it in justified but I was looking for solution with justifiy but without extra spaces

I changed to left but it’s not like what I expected not good for design

I don’t really know any way around this - it is a common problem with justified text.

you could try adjusting font-sizes to make it fit better when justified or try word-spacing CSS (not 100% on browser compatibility of that)