Need your feedback to improve template!

I have a rejected HTML template, in order to improve it for getting approved we need your feedback.


Thanks in advance.

Aside from it not being responsive, it always raises alarms when there are other author and item names scattered around in it?!?!

Thanks for your reply, please let me know by which tools you checked the responsiveness of the website since I’m pretty sure that it responses to all the standard breakpoints. As you can see in the below URL, the template looks good in most devices.

I didn’t get what you exactly mean in the second part of your reply, do you mean I used other authors’ ideas/codes in my template?

Those tools are not the same as testing the site properly / just open it on a phone

There are (I am not going to show where for obvious reasons) the name of and content from other items and authors - that looks very suspicious

Some codes were from the previous team that I used to work with, I fixed them all. So you mean that the reason for rejection is technical and the template’s design is enough to be approved?