Need your feedback please


Hello, can u help me please and say what’s wrong with this track? How would u improve it?
Thank you


I would say there’s really too much reverb on classical guitars, and a little too much on percussion. This gives a vague effect to all… except reverb the track is really cool!


The clicky stuff in percussion (sticks) are too loud. And ditto on the reverb comment, the whole thing feels a bit washed out. You might want to try a slightly shorter reverb as well, which might help a bit.

Otherwise, the only thing I can think of is the reviewer just decided “I don’t think this style is particularly commercial.” I can’t say that I recall a lot of commercials or youtube videos etc. that utilize flamenco, though if it were me I’d figure that’d just mean you’re cornering a niche market! Have you tried listening to some of the other finger picking guitar tracks on the site to see how you compare in both production, structure, and style?


Hi @bugakov_maxim
great track! Just reduce the amount of reverb. I think it would sound better and have more impact with almost no reverb.


Thank you very much!