Need your Feedback Before I Submit My Work

Hi Guys ,

I need check my template for sell in themeforest,

Please, if you have any idea on how i can improve my theme, give me some feedback, any help will truly appreciate.
Thanks in advance.

Here is my DEMO

It’s a good start :slightly_smiling:
But you need to improve typography (heading font size, weight, color)
And add more unique design details

This is not yet ready to TF.

It requires a great job in the overall design.

Note that TF has the highest quality standards. And the demo is far from these requirements.

Keep working good luck

Thanks leafcolor


The theme is very good but I think the effects will cause distraction, bloggers will love to make audience comfortable but with those effects 1-2 sec of reader time will be wasted, thats my opinion.

thanks mate, Do you think reduce time of that or totally remove effects ?

Any other advice ?