Need your advises about my disabled account!

Hello everyone,

3 weeks ago, my account is disabled permanently with a reason: “My account has connection to fraudsters”. I contacted all of my partners and people who I worked with and their accounts are still normal. It means Envato disabled my account because of someone that I don’t know.

If anyone have experience about this situation, please could you give me an advise? I am really confuse now. This account is all my life. I quitted my job 2 years ago to focus on selling themes on Themeforest.

Thank you very much!

Create a support ticket here:

I suggest you to create a ticket and ask them about the complete reason.

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Thank you guys. I did created ticket. And they only said my account has been disabled because of it has connection with fraudsters. When I asked him about who are fraudsters, they didn’t answer me. It’s strange.

same situation right now actually I’m waiting for their response :smiling_face_with_tear: