Need your advice...


Hi friends!
Just want to know your opinion.
Is my mixing and mastering good enough and what you would suggest me to improve? Uplifting Inspire and Motivate

Thanks in advance!


No suggestions?
All fine? :slight_smile:


Hey yeah for this kind of music is very well made for me


Thanks, mate! I Appreciate this!


Well done sir!


Thanks, mates!
So no more recommendations?


Hey ros,

If you’re asking for feedback:

Uplifting has quite a lot of 200-500Hz ‘mud’ from the muted guitar - as a result the mix sounds very boomy. The piano does sound quite robotic and could have some more reverb, too. The drums are quite choppy and thin sounding as well - consider using some more realistic / fuller-sounding samples. Otherwise, it’s a good track.

Inspire and Motivate has the better mix of the two - though the drums also sound quite ‘plasticky’, like in the last track. You could also cut some bass and low-mids and boost the 1-4Khz frequencies, but there’s less of a problem here than with the previous track. Additionally, the bass could come down a bit at 0:50 as it’s particularly loud there. Overall though, it’s a nice track and my favourite of the two.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:


Thanks, James! I appreciate your time and suggestions! I will take note of this.