Need your advice for unique prefix.

We have been hard time for unique prefix in our theme which got rejected recently. we have been using “Javo_” as our own framework prefix. cuz it has been approved previous themes. but not this time. so sadly we have to change our framework prefix now.

First we changed “jvfrm” and it got also rejected.
saying : JAVO, jvfrm are not unique to this theme.
What’s the best (or better one) for prefix?

We have been already working on “jvfrm_spot_” as new prefix.

jvfrm is initial of "javoframework"
spot is from the theme name.

What do you think about “jvfrm_spot_” as a unique prefix? or any suggestion about prefix. we actually don’t want to have too long prefix. but it seems no choice.

Please help with your experience.

Thank you,