Need Your Advice About This Track!

Hi all!
Would you suggest if this track quite good for stock music and for video and if the production (mixing/mastering) good as well?
Thanks for replies in advance.

track idea is good but it’s totally missing all your low end on the track. Don’t muddy it up but right now it just feels like you have a high pass filter or something on the whole track. Find some balance on this track and it will be ok.


thanks for advice!
any other?

Is it better for now? I added a bit low ends.

yes it’s better but still missing that low mid fullness of most of your instruments. You have more kick low end which is good but the bass feels kind of boxy and not full enough in the bottom end. Then in addition the rest of your instruments have too much cut out of the bottom end as well. You obviously want to have space in the low end for first your kick and then your bass guitar but the electric guitars and synths also need some weight down there which they currently don’t which is why it still feels empty on the bottom end. I would also compare your track with some existing professionally produced music that would be in a similar style and sound to what you were going for.

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Can relate to what illuminations says. I would also try to make the track as clear as possible. It’s a great track overall !

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Thanks for your advices guys and for your time. I really appreciate this!