Need your advice about rejection

Need your advice about my rejected EDM track:

Hey there,

first of all: I am rather new here, so I can just assume!

First thing I noticed was that the bass seems quite low, while the bass kick takes the main space in the lower frequencies. Maybe there are also too much highs in this track?

Another thing I noticed is that the plucked / glassy hit synths seem a bit dry and lost to me. Not that bad after all - I just try to assume what might get a bit noticable.

Maybe the intro is too long as well?

Another author gave me the feedback on a rejected track of mine that the synths sounded “too out-dated” (while it was intentional in my piece, though). Maybe this could be in your track as well that the synths are sounding a bit too out-dated or so?

Again: I am just assuming and I am really looking forward to author who have more experience on AJ here - I also want to learn. (=

Good luck the next time!

Tagirijus, thank you very much for very useful comments.

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