NEED webtheme like this



Hi there :slight_smile:

I am in need of a Wordpress theme like this:

Anybody who knows?

Thanks a ton!


Hello kjaerr,

We can create exact website template for you but only HTML not WordPress and then you can find someone else who can convert this HTML template to WordPress, if youโ€™re interested contact us. :slight_smile:




Hi there :slight_smile:

Sorry not interested in HTML. I will need a site that can be modified to this. Maybe some kind of visual composer that can easily set it up :slight_smile:


Looks like you need a theme with tile-based design. You can check out our Wired theme with beautiful design -

and another that has some elements which use tile based design -


Tile based is the key here yes :slight_smile: Thanks for your reply, not exactly what I am looking for, but it does have some elements to it!


Hi everybody,

I am not looking for web developers, but a theme on themeforrest :slight_smile:


@kjaerr how about this?