Need valid ThemeForest Username & API KeyAutomotive Listings plugin for Wordpress

Hello, I have an Automotive Theme on my website Version: 9.4 By Theme Suite and with it I also have an Automotive Listings plugin, also by Theme Suite. The Theme is ok but the plugin needs to be updated and that is what I need help with. The plugin says
There is a new version of Automotive Listings available. View version 15.5 details. Automatic update is unavailable for this plugin. It doesn’t look like you have entered a valid ThemeForest Username & API Key. To receive updates for the plugin you must validate this information in the Update Settings section.
The problem is when I try to update it won’t let me and I also can’t seem to find this plugin on this website either. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

You have no buyer badge on this account - this could well be causing the issue.

Where did you get the theme/plugins?

You can get an API key but you will need to be logged into the account which purchased the item for it to work

Hi Charlie, I purchased it but not sure where the info is on the purchase. I thought this was the account but when I logged in there is no info in the history. Is there a way to see what email is tied to this theme purchase or a way to add a new API key without losing everything on my site?

Unfortunately you won’t be able to create an API token without access to the account which purchased it (otherwise it cannot validate).

Ok, thank you for your help. I will do my best to track down the purchase of the theme. I appreciate your quick responses!