Need Urgent plz Problematic Epic Elements

I wanted to buy a theme from Themeforest but I saw a misleading , I bought a Yearly subscription and paid only to realise that I didn’t have unlimited downloads and my subscription is only for Envato Elements.

Epic Elements Download but not working …token create but not working … premium Futures not working
Has anyone had the same issue?
Other wise I cancel my subscription …plz I need very urgent …


Yes! subscription only for Envato Elements.
Envato market(Themeforest,Codecanyon,Audio Jungle) have no subscription.

Helpful Tips For Envato Token

You can get in touch with envato elements support center they would like to assist you with an official answer.


Failed to validate license, please check if required access is granted when token created, also please check to make sure if your account already bought the item

Many times create token … my theme name ultimatum but not working …token acesss

Keeping touch with support team hope they will help in this issue.
cause we can’t check your account issue at forum this is can do only support team member.
My opinion wait for their reply hope your issue will solved no worry about it.

Approximately time plz replay … same this forum replay ur main team member …

I’m not sure about that cause they have ticket queue they will reply people one by one.
I hope they will reply to you soon.

Yesterday subscribe … Yearly can i cancel … subscrption any charge… of money

Hi @cinemirchi,

Yes i think you can Cancelling Your Subscription

Open a Envato Elements Help Ticket they would like to assist you with an official answer.


2 days use … how much pay money .

i’m not sure about charge they will inform you that. you just try to get in touch with support team they will clear your confusion.