Need Update For Enfold 3.1.3: Photos, Sliders Missing After WP Update



I need an update for Enfold 3.1.3:

I have a real estate website hosted by Go Daddy on a WordPress dedicated server.

When my real estate website automatically updated to the newest version of WordPress – 4.5.2 – my enfold themed website was no longer able to display the photos from my blogs or sliders.

I have tried updating the themes through the backend of my website, only to be informed that “Theme Updates: No Updates available. You are running the latest version! (3.1.3), Check Manually.”

I’ve tried checking manually and anywhere on the Internet that might provide information – with no luck.

Thanks to the fact that I’d received no support from the company, despite several attempts at reaching out to them, my real estate website has been left crippled and down for more than three weeks.

This current issue began more than 30 days ago and I can find no information online regarding Enfold offering an update.


Enfold support is available here: