Need to understand the Food App on here to buy it, how this works


envato users, I am looking for the creation of a food application (in Full) I have seen some food application on Envato, but I will need your help to understand if the application sold here will cover all my needs for the creation of my food application?
Can you please tell me if this will be the case if I am paying for some Food Apps that I spend here?
Any Authors answers / Support will be GREAZTLY appreciate.
Regards, to all our community.

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You would need to be a lot more clear on what your needs are if anyone can advise on this.

Bear in mind that a stock app under $100 is never ever going to be the same standard of Deliveroo or even a custom developed one.

You also need to consider that you will need to be able to support and maintain the app if the author stops selling it, hosting, security etc.

It will come down to how serious you are about achieving a professional standard

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thanks for your RICH comment, yes we need an app like the Deliveroo or Zomato in India, so better to go towards a develop one as per reading your advice.?

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Yes 100% get this custom developed

I don’t know the complexities of working in India but relying on a stock item where support and updates can be pulled at any time is incredibly risky

You are talking about multi-million $ apps above - you can’t expect to replicate this with stock (or even cheaply developed) options.

The hosting and security alone for a proper app like that would be hundreds of not thousands of $ a month.

The best advice we could offer is if someone says they can do it (properly) for under tens of thousands of $ they are almost certainly, not someone you want to work with.

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GREAT Charlie / Really appreciate your advice, will see other option then, it is better.

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