Need to return money to the buyer! Envato HELP?

Hi, guys, today a buyer bought twice the same item of mine. I think the buyer did this by mistake, maybe it will be ok to return him the money for one purchase with envato (since I received 50% and AJ 50%), this will be just a cool thing to do for our community in eyes of our purchaser. How can I contact Envato support a lil bit faster since this is not a problem of mine, but something good to make for our clients or how can I make Envato Stuff to see this post ?

Help with suggestions, I’m new here, regards

Here’s the pic of same item bought twice :

Hi! If buyer purchase this twice track by mistake, he can make refund. Don’t worry, it’s normal situation that one customer purchase same item a few times. Maybe he use this track in different products.
P.S. One of my customers purchase same item 4 times :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the answer LuckyBlackCat! I was thinking about this way for a lil bit but…
Today is the last day of the month so I was thinking to withdraw money from my account, what if the buyer will make refund but on my account but there’s no his money anymore, how it works in this case? (sorry if this question sound stupid :smiley: )

Has the buyer contacted you asking for a refund for the second purchase?

Most likely it’s not a mistaken purchase since a buyer can see a banner that says something like “you’ve already purchased this item” on top of items he/she has already purchased. The buyer may have decided to use your track again for another thing he was creating so he purchased another license, that’s not unlikely to happen.

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No, the buyer didn’t contact me. That the buyer is new and bought twice the same item in 2 minutes by mistake are just my thoughs. I didn’t know about the banner “you’ve already purchased this item” and that it’s not unusual when buyers buy twice or more times the same item. So it’s ok, I can withdraw the money ?

The buyer paid money for two licenses, it’s really unlikely that he/she hasn’t noticed that yet! Relax and withdraw your money with peaceful mind.

Ok, thank you OsamaSayegh!

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