Need to replace my tired site ...

Hi all. I’m a small publisher of paper and Kindle books and need a new template (Wordpress or other) to replace my site. I’m not planning on selling any other products but I want to have the option to add affiliates later. Suggestions?

Here’s my existing Sitebuilder-based site …

Many thanks and feel free to email me directly (I’m not interested in hiring developers thanks … I’ll DIY it).


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And you are except what? That will someone put some links and you will look and tell this is good or bad ?
You can all that yourself .
Every template will look better than current design.

Thanks for the reply Zaccc. I apologize if I wasn’t clear in my post.

My expectation is that someone here will recommend a WP template as I described above. That’s ALL I’m looking for here. Are you making a recommendation???


I like

It has a cool way to display/read books and most features you are talking about needing but a few more.

Your challenge is that you want something capable of scaling to add more stuff but to avoid overly bloated or complex bookshop type themes. It’s no a category I know much about but it seems that this may be a nice balance.

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My suggestions is Enfold template . They have fast support and that is very very important.
If you didn’t work with Wordpress my advice is to hire someone who will make your site it will be faster easier and site will look more professional and at the end you are earning money over your site.

Many thanks charlie4282 and Zaccc!

Thee are both excellent and I love them! The tough part is choosing smile:
Thanks again!

Be well,


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