Need to redesign my website again?

Hello mate,

I have a question to all. I hope you’ll give me the best solution what to do the next! I have a website based on e-commerce. Basically, it’s the customer service website which provides Kratom Powder. Kratom is a supplement which is used to recover pain and mental anxiety. Works well for everyone and fit to the body easily without any symptoms. Anyways, the website is stand up and looks ok to me. But little bit confused. So need your feedback. Do I need to redesign my website again?

The website is here:

I will wait for your further reply. Thanks in advance!

It’s looking good. But the typographic hierarchy of your site contents is not quite well.

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So what do you suggest now?

Hire a freelancer to customize your site design or buy a theme from Themeforest and change your design to make it more attractive and user friendly.

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Hi there

You website looks good to me, a simple interface that works for a single kind of product/s. However there are still something you can do to improve the UI/UX. For instance a left side main menu is now a passé and it should be at the top for better UX. No posts here is a no no for a professional website A not a full width banner looks odd here it should be either full width or aligned to center. Same goes for this testimonials area I know this is because of the sidebar at the right but as sidebar is too short to over up with the content part but it needs to flow until the bottom so this left part doesn’t look odd. This part looks bad and congested The footer also need some tweaks to look good in whole


Yeah, sure I will do. Thanks!