Need to reach an artist who left the platform

I am working on a production that hinges on a track created by an author called NLstudio99. Upon trying to reach the artist I was told by the Help Desk that they are no longer connected to Envato Market and that I cannot download tracks or reach the artist through the platform. Quite frustrating. How can I get direct contact information for a former author? Surely they had an email attached to their account. Can someone help me get their contact info? Grateful for any help.

Did you ask this to the AJ team?
I can see that this guy worked here, but there’s no active links to get information anymore…
you should try to ask for details to AJ help center… I can’t see another way to do this.
Good luck!

Thanks. I’m waiting for a response from the AJ help desk. I couldn’t reach NLstudio99, so I wrote in to the help desk. They responded by removing all his links, saying he is no longer connected. Not what I expected. They should have the author’s account email though, right?

Unfortunately there is no way that envato will give out their contact info

I would be most great full if they would simply reach out to them on my behalf without giving out their information. That is what I had hoped for to begin with. Who can I speak to about this?

This seems reasonable to me. Especially seeing that NLstudio99’s tracks were still available on AJ at the time of my inquiry. They have only been removed in response to my attempt to contact them.

Is there anyone on the AJ team who can sympathize with my situation? I only ask that they send a quick email to the former-author on my behalf.

The issue is there are all sorts of confidentiality and privacy issues around any of these routes:

  • handing out their info is an obvious no no under privacy law

  • reaching out on your behalf is unlikely as there is no ‘official justification’, and if they did it for you here then they would need to do it for the other people who may end up in a similar situation

  • the main other challenge will be that envato don’t own any copyright to items sold here. This means an author can remove their work at any point and without giving warning. As such envato do not have any right to follow up with them

  • lastly, we don’t know why the account is closed. It could be that the author simply has had enough, or it could be for copyright or other reasons. Again, envato will never share this info with anyone except the author

I get that your situation is frustrating and find it odd that there is no trace (even on social media) of the author, but fundamental privacy laws along with the way in which envato’s business model is constructed does prevent them getting involved.

I understand your point. However, if the author had removed their work, the links would not have been available earlier today. Likewise if they had been removed by Envato for copyright infringement. This is a unique situation. So my request for assistance still stands. As of this morning NLstudio99 had active links on Audio Jungle. I don’t believe there is any privacy law that would prohibit the AJ team from following up with them the same day. Can anyone on the AJ staff can find it reasonable to do so?

@danielhancock222 - I want to suggest you continue your search for the author through: SoundCloud, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, PromoDJ, VK ////
I wish you to find your favorite author ////

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It is very, very uncommon for anyone to just decide to remove all of their money-making music in one sweep. Especially someone who just joined. :thinking:

You have to be prepared for the event that the music was in fact stolen, copied, or anything else not completely legal.

Furthermore, there is virtually zero web presence when searching for nlstudio99 on Google. If I were you, I would assume there is suspicious activity involved.

Unfortunately, this happens. It has even happened to me. It’s almost impossible for Envato to prevent these situations completely. Of course, an ID check would help…


I greatly appreciate you looking into this for me. The situation is unfortunate. I had thought that perhaps this artist was operating on a website or some other platforms under another or slightly different username that might present itself if the email address attached to the account were googled. I understand that Envato cannot give this information out, but perhaps as one last shot at solving the mystery, you could search that address to see if it might direct us to an established artist…? In either case, thank you for your time and godspeed.

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Thank you! I will do that.

Do you happen to have the preview file downloaded? If so, you can post it so we can hear (SoundCloud), and maybe someone will recognize the track.

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Great idea! I do. Just uploaded it.

Does anyone recognize this track? Or perhaps you are an artist that could recreate something similar…?

Please contact me

Hey @danielhancock222,

Personal information sharing are not allowed at Envato forum.Only that is reason i had to edit your reply.
Please ensure that will not happen in future.

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:+1: My apologies.

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