Need to know why my item was rejected ?


I created one page agency HTML. Within the 5mins of upload I received the mail saying your item was rejected because it didn’t match the quality.

Its heartbreaking when you spent 50-60hrs to build something. And it gets rejected within just 5mins.

I don’t think so my item is that bad. Its build on bootstrap 4 , scss. Its fully w3c validated.
There is no bug. I tested it with different content. Tested it with all major browser starting IE 10 to safari to chrome to firefox.

Can someone please let me know what is wrong in this ?

Here is the demo URL :

Any feedback is fully appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


I have see your item.Need to improve your item design quality you have done a good job that’s true but most of section design are common Need uniqueness on your item design hope will approved.This is my personal opinion.
Hope helpful for you.


Thank you unlockdesign.

So what’s the next step ?

This is hard rejected item. So I can’t resubmit this right ?
I don’t want to waste my efforts.

Any suggestions ?

When you redesign this template it will be a new one then you can submit it as a new item.
But change must be insufficient.

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Okay you mean. New changes must be sufficient right ?

Okay. Will change this so they can’t reject my item.
This is my 2nd reject. But I will make it sure awesome. So they can’t refuse it.

Thanks for you help unlockdesign

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Hi There,

We found multiple issues here:

  1. Needs improvement in design standard.
  2. Need to resolve alignment and spacing issues.
  3. Need to improve the sizing of the fonts.

Hope our reviews will be useful to you. Happy templating!

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