Need to know reasons for rejection of my submitted template.. please help & review

i could not find that why my Html template - Darpan is rejected . link
Darpan Link
. please review and help me to to develop error free templates

You are showing your team members as your latest work. :smile:

can i re submit template after coorection?

If it is available on your ‘Hidden Item’ tab, then you can. Otherwise not. :slight_smile:

how was my coding quality??

Good, but Design idea is very dangerous. :wink:

hi why is that dangerous?

I mean, not good bro. :slight_smile:

LOL ok but as for me i do not see what is not good indeed … i just see something like many other things as most of themes almost all amount to the same nowadays … this is not like when it was the good old days of IT starting to spread where all people had creative forms of website … nowadays al is following the same standards , there is material to cry …



sorry buddy this is not against u or current web designers this is the tyranny of trends and web languages and coding … for me they all made this industry super flat and uninteresting , but this is just my point of view …

its okay bro…

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