Need to know about Customer Support

I am here to ask that what will be the support of any product. I read that any Author can have 2 options, that they will Support or Not to Support. So “Not to Support” I understand then “Support” have 3 options.

  1. Availability of the author to answer questions
  2. Get assistance with reported bugs and issues
  3. Help with included 3rd party assets

I do a reply and 2 days gone but no response, even Author responding to other members. Then I email them and got a reply that we will not reply here, you need to use our support center on our website. I go there and login, try to create ticket but its saying that your support is no longer you need to Renew your support.

Now question is What I have to do now? How much time i have to wait for the reply…!!

Sorry for bad English



As your support has expired you can use Comments of the purchased item. If you need a answer of any query hope author will reply in comments and answer you. But if you need any direct assist as like any issues solve or any technical support (coding support) then may be youhave to exyend your support. Please make a comments and tell them that you can’t open a ticket in their support systems because of support expired and let them know your query. Author will reply you in your comments.


As i said that i did a reply and they know everything. I just want to know how much time i have to wait for the reply on comment section.

There is no such time indication for comments reply. If any author use Comments as their support then author should reply within 1/2 business days (as quickly as possible) but if author use their own support systems then comments reply has no such time indication. But I believe as a reputed/good Author should(must be) reply comments/support/email as quickly as possible. Thanks

Please these screenshots…

I do a comment and see, is my comment for customization?.
And Author replied to other customer.

After that I did email, you see they clearly mentioned not to support on some places

Then I try to create email I am unable to go through because my support is expired.

Now still want to know that what to do ?

I have seen you have purchased the theme 6 years ago and you have many comments in the theme comments. Lastly 3 days ago you post comments and asking them about a plugin compatibility. Actually this type of support not theme Author responsibility according to envato support policy. Besides this your support has expired. About your email (your screenshots) they have sent you a auto-responder, it is not their real reply. Please check the auto-responder what they ment there. Thanks

Please see my 3 days ago reply, I also reply that I removed the plugin and still the same issue.

Do you have an active support subscription?

In this case you have to renew/extend support to get Author support. I will recommend please check envato support policy before extend support. Thanks

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I know if I extend my support then will reply. But I am not asking for customization or something else. This is the theme issue which I am asking for it.

Why I need active support subscription as themeforest allow this.

Those are what’s included with a support subscription. You get 6 months free with each purchase, and then must renew it to continue receiving those benefits. That’s the policy since (I believe late 2015?) Even with a support extension, customization is never included.

That being said, even with a support subscription, the author isn’t required to help with a third party plugin that is not bundled with their theme. You will need to get their confirmation that they will help you with this particular issue if/before you renew. Otherwise, contact the developer of the plugin instead, and perhaps they will be able to help you.


Ok got it, now I understand that I what I have for 6 months and what is for whole life.

The comments are not working that’s mean this thing can be comes in this.

Any reply for this !!!

Sorry, can you clarify what you’re asking? The link you posted is broken.

Link is broken - what are you trying to show?

The issue with comment duplicating as per your screenshot above - is that the case if you turn off the 3rd party plugin and just work with standard comments within the theme?

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Its not about the issue, main thing is I am disappointed that Author dont care the customer. I was waiting from last 6 days and after that they reply. I have fix my issue already. But main thing is we love Envato and trust on you. If sellers do like this then time to time people will go for some other platform. Its just about the Services only.