Need to find similar audio composition

Hi my friends! Maybe somebody remember and can provide a link to similar track that inpired me. I want to find it on audiojungle world. Composition is here and I want to find something in such mood and style and maybe some of you can help me. Thank you!

Hello. Maybe this can help you :slight_smile:

Not sure that this is what you need. maybe he will be of use.

Thank you for your replies - Abstract deep fashion is a good composition - will try to search a bit and if nothing will be found maybe stop on Abstract Deep Fashio item.

Thank you EvgeneM. Deep Space Dead Zone is a great item but it has a little bit other mood - a little bit dark)))

Thank you. Perhaps in the future you will need a similar track and you will remember about me. Good luck.

Thank you. Hope you will find what you need.

hello @psd_breathing!

The reference track you’ve provided is pretty cool and unique; while I don’t have something really close to your example (and I didn’t hear on Audiojungle anything similar), I’ve seen this track of mine used in some projects with similar mood and atmopshere of the example video:

Hope it helps and good luck with your search.


wow! first half of your “City Pulse” is very similar to it)) will keep in mind. Also I’ve checked your other items and I like “Pulse” and “City Pulse” and other))

Hello, look at my fashion collection:

Good luck for your project :wink:

Hi @psd_breathing, this track of mine is fairly similar. If that doesn’t work for you then I hope you find what you’re looking for! :slight_smile: